Season 10 | Episode #19 | 01/30/14 @ 10:30pm

Homer pursues a career as an artist when his misshapen barbecue pit attracts the attention of a gallery.

During a trip to a local hardware store, Homer and Bart’s attention is drawn to a television monitor showing a promotional video hosted by a famous TV handyman. The handyman describes the advantages of do-it-yourself backyard barbecue pit construction. Seduced by images of roasted chicken and steaks, Homer decides to construct his own pit. Unfortunately, he accidentally spills all of the parts into the freshly poured foundation. The result is a twisted monstrosity of metal and brick. As Homer tows the botched barbecue through the streets, the wagon detaches and collides with another car. Greatly relieved to be rid of the monstrosity, Homer speeds away from the scene. The following day, a woman by the name of Astrid Weller shows up at the house with the barbecue. Weller, who owns an art gallery, wishes to put the piece on display. She believes it is a prime example of “outsider art,” the hottest trend in the business. The pit is placed on display in a gallery, where it is purchased by Mr. Burns. Astrid congratulates Homer on his first sale—making him a professional artist.

Encouraged by the sale, Homer gathers junk from the attic, intending to produce more sculptures. Homer claims he has had an interest in art ever since he painted portraits of Ringo Starr. Marge tells Homer that he is describing her life. Later, Homer encourages Bart and Lisa to deliberately anger him, hoping it will inspire his work. Eventually, Astrid informs Homer that the gallery is devoting an entire show to his art. Though Marge claims she is happy for Homer, she cannot hide her true feelings. She tells him that he has managed to accomplish more in one week than she has accomplished in her entire life. But when the gallery opens, the crowd is openly dismissive of the pieces on display, which are labeled “passé.”

Marge tells Homer that all of his works were too alike to generate interest from the crowd. She encourages him to seek out inspiration at the Springsonian Museum. When Homer returns home, Lisa tells him about the works of conceptual artist Christo, who set up hundreds of umbrellas along a California highway. Inspired, Homer steals doormats from throughout Springfield. He uses the mats to block the city’s many storm drains. Later, at the Springfield Zoo, he and Bart place snorkels and diving masks on all the animals. They then proceed to open every fire hydrant around. The next morning, Homer uses a bullhorn to awaken the city. Residents discover that the streets have been flooded with ten feet of water. Homer tells Marge that he has created conceptual art, in the image of Venice, which he names “The Grand Canals of Springfield.” Surprisingly, everyone in town greets the work with great enthusiasm. Marge congratulates her husband, telling him that he truly is an artist. But Homer counters that he is simply a “nut who couldn’t build a barbecue.” He tells Marge that she is the real artist in the family. Marge is touched by Homer’s words.

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Source: 20th Century Fox

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