Season 10 | Episode #17 | 01/28/14 @ 10:30pm

Homer and Bart take attempt to deliver a dead trucker’s cargo on schedule. Meanwhile, Marge decides to have an adventure of her own… and purchases a new doorbell.

Lisa announces her intention to protest a new restaurant called “The Slaughterhouse,” where diners watch as their cow is butchered right in front of them. Homer is completely won over by Lisa’s description. He drives the family to the restaurant, where Lisa picks up a picket sign and joins a line of protesters. Inside, Homer orders the “Sir-Loin-A-Lot,” sixteen pounds of pure beef. A man sitting at the next table, a truck driver named Red Carson, introduces himself. Red is one of two people who have successfully consumed the entire meal. Red warns Homer that the meat is not for “greenhorns.” Homer challenges Red, and shortly thereafter, the two men face off on a small stage, with two huge portions of beef in front of them. The eating gets underway, and as time passes, both men get down to their last few bites. Suffering from hallucinations, Homer gives up. A waiter declares Red as the winner, but moments later, everyone realizes that Red died during the eat-off. One of Red’s truck driver friends informs Homer that in 38 years on the job, Red never missed a shipment. Homer vows that he will make the delivery to Atlanta on time. He and Bart climb into Red’s rig and head out on the open road.

Marge begins receiving post cards from Homer as he journeys across county. Yearning for a wild adventure of her own, she drives Lisa to a store called “Senior Ding-Dong’s Doorbell Fiesta.” There, she purchases a doorbell that plays the song “Close To You.” Once the device is installed, however, the chime repeats the song, again and again. Meanwhile, Homer and Bart come to enjoy the life of a trucker, and make stops at a drive-in theater, a diner and a country bridge for some fishing. Eventually, Bart informs his father that they still have 2200 miles to travel in ten hours time. Worried that he hasn’t the stamina to make the trip, Homer swallows an entire bottle of stimulants. He then counteracts the medication by downing a bottle of sleeping pills. Homer again sets off on the open road… and soon dozes off. Moments later, the truck heads for a sharp curve near a canyon. As the truck is about to crash, a high-tech mechanism located under the dashboard begins blinking. Suddenly, the steering wheel turns by itself, preventing the crash. Homer awakens and realizes he fell asleep at the wheel. He informs two truckers of his miraculous escape.

The truckers inform him about the Navitron Auto-Drive System, a secret mechanical device that pilots the rig. The truckers emphasize that only truck drivers are aware of the device’s existence, and worry about pay cuts should anyone discover the truth. Homer promises not to divulge the secret to anyone. Later, Homer climbs out onto the hood of the moving rig and encourages Bart to join him. A trucker sees what is happening and uses his CB radio to alert his colleagues. The truckers decide they must take action. Homer is forced to stop when he sees that a wall of parked trucks has blocked the road ahead. But Homer reminds himself that he made a promise to make the delivery on time. He twists the steering wheel, causing the rig to jackknife and bounce over the roadblock. The pair continue on their journey and make the delivery on time. Meanwhile, Marge grows fed up with the chimes and yanks out a wire out of the device, inadvertently causing the sound to grow louder. An angry mob of sleepless neighbors gathers in front of the house. Senior Ding-Dong suddenly appears. He cracks a whip, stopping the chimes once and for all.

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Source: 20th Century Fox

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