Season 10 | Episode #16 | 01/27/14 @ 10:30pm

Lisa exhibits signs of stress when she is forced into sharing her brother’s bedroom. Marge becomes addicted to eavesdropping on cellular phone conversations.

Bart and Lisa remind Homer of his promise to spend one Saturday a month doing something special with them. Lisa eventually talks her father into going to the Smithsonian Traveling Exhibit. When the threesome arrive at the Springfield Convention Center, Lisa expresses concern when she realizes that a cell phone company called OmniTouch sponsors the exhibit, as she believes it cheapens the event. As Lisa describes the importance of the Bill of Rights, Homer pulls the document from its display case for a better look. He inadvertently smudges the document, and as security guards look on, proceeds to lick it clean. Homer is taken into custody. An OmniTouch representative informs him that it will cost $10,000 to restore the document… but is more than willing to compromise. As a result, the company erects a gigantic cellular transmitter on the Simpsons’ roof. A short time later, Lisa discovers that her bedroom is now filled with electronic equipment. She realizes that Homer gave away her room.

Homer informs Lisa that she will be sharing Bart’s room until the debt is paid off. Bart lets it be known that he will make Lisa’s life a living hell. Meanwhile, as Marge works in the kitchen, with Maggie’s baby monitor close at hand, she begins hearing people’s cell phone conversations. At first, Marge believes the situation should be reported to the cellular phone company. But as the conversations become more and more intriguing, she finds herself an addicted eavesdropper. As time passes, Lisa begins experiencing stomach pains. Homer brings his daughter to see Dr. Hibbert. He concludes that her condition is stress-related. Homer protests when Hibbert prescribes herbal teas. He insists on harsh antacids. Afterward, Lisa confronts Homer. Growing angered, she tells him that not all New-Age cures are crazy. She also believes that they are two very different people, and as time goes on, they will drift further and further apart.

Homer indulges Lisa and brings her to a New Age store. He asks the store clerk if she has anything that would help his daughter’s stomach. The clerk suggests a sensory deprivation tank, which blocks out external distractions. Both Lisa and Homer climb into their own tanks. Slowly, Lisa begins experiencing strange visions. Meanwhile, Bart observes his mother eavesdropping on cell phone users. With Milhouse’s help, he devises a scheme that he believes will teach her a lesson. Using a disguised voice, Bart speaks into the baby monitor. He convinces Marge that an escaped convict has chosen the Simpson home as his hiding place. Pretending to be the killer, Milhouse begins turning the knob on the front door. Suddenly, Marge swings the baby monitor onto the “intruder’s” head, knocking him to the floor. Back at the New Age Store, Homer finds himself bored senseless inside the deprivation tank. A flatbed truck pulls up to the store, and repo men begin carrying away its inventory. They hoist Homer’s tank onto the truck and make their way along a bumpy country road. Homer’s tank falls off the back of the truck and slides down a hill. Eventually, Chief Wiggum returns the tank to the store. Meanwhile, Lisa has an experience in which she becomes Homer. From Homer’s P.O.V., she listens to herself talk, and realizes how harsh she sounds. Lisa exits the tank. Banged and bruised, Homer explains that he went on an adventure without ever leaving the building. Lisa suggests something really fun: a demolition derby.

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Source: 20th Century Fox

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