Season 2 | Episode #18 | 01/29/14 @ 06pm

Homer becomes the official mascot for a major league baseball team.

While having a beer at Moe’s tavern, Homer recounts how he and his family attended “Nuclear Power Plant Family Night” at the local minor league baseball stadium. Marge gets one of the players to autograph Bart’s baseball, and Bleeding Gums Murphy sings the “National Anthem.” Homer’s hopes of making a fool of himself, however, are ruined when his boss, Mr. Burns, and his assistant Smithers, end up sitting next to him. But to Homer’s pleasant surprise, Mr. Burns buys him several rounds to show good company relations.

Soon Burns and Homer are drunk. With the Springfield Isotopes down by three runs, the inebriated Homer rallies the crowd behind the team. When the home team wins the game, the owner offers Homer a job as mascot and Homer dubs himself “Dancin’ Homer.” Strutting his stuff in front of the crowd, the Isotopes go on a winning streak. Soon Homer is a bigger attraction than the baseball team. It is not long before Homer is called up from the minors to the big time. He is offered a job as fill-in mascot for the Capital City Capitals. Taking the job, the Simpsons sell everything they own and move to Capital City, but not before Homer is given a heartfelt farewell from his adoring Springfield fans.

Given his big break, Homer is told he will fill in for the Capital City main mascot, “Goofball”, during the fifth inning. But his small town routine flops in front of the big city crowd. Homer is fired and sent back to Springfield. But the patron’s of Moe’s tavern do not care about his failure, only wanting to know all about his adventure. Homer realizes that, for the first time in his life, he has something to say that people want to hear.

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Source: 20th Century Fox

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