Season 2 | Episode #20 | 01/31/14 @ 06pm

Bart learns the true meaning of Thanksgiving when he runs away from home after having an argument with Lisa.

It is Thanksgiving at the Simpsons’ house. Marge busily prepares a turkey feast. Homer lounges in front of the television, watching a football game. Lisa proudly assembles a decorative centerpiece to grace the dinner table. After Marge’s sisters, Patty and Selma, and Homer’s father arrive, the family sits down to give thanks. But when Lisa sets down her centerpiece, she and Bart argue where it should go. In the the ensuing struggle, the centerpiece flies into the fireplace, disintegrating in a ball of flames. Devastated by her loss, Lisa runs upstairs. Marge and Homer send Bart to his room for ruining Thanksgiving.

Feeling mistreated, Bart decides to run away, with Santa’s Little Helper at his side. Winding up on the streets, alone, cold and hungry, Bart finds his way to a homeless shelter serving Thanksgiving dinner. A TV crew covering the event interviews Bart, putting his face on the local news. Befriended by a group of homeless people, Bart declines their invitation to sleep at the bus station.

Having seen their son on TV, Homer and Marge tell the police that Bart has run away. Bart wanders back home. Not sure he wants to give up his life of freedom on the open road, Bart climbs up on the roof to think things out. Hearing Lisa cry because she misses Bart, he calls her out on the roof, even though he is not sure he did anything wrong. But Bart finally realizes his error, and apologizes to his sister. With the family reunited, the Simpsons have their Thanksgiving dinner.

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Source: 20th Century Fox

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