Season 10 | Episode #11 | 01/20/14 @ 10:30pm

The children of Springfield rebel after Wiggum enforces a curfew.

The Simpsons attend a baseball game at Springfield stadium. Unfortunately, the town’s team, the Isotopes, fairs poorly during the game, and most of the audience leaves early, including a thoroughly bored and disinterested Homer, who makes disparaging remarks about “the losers.” Six months later, Homer walks into Moe’s tavern and discovers a boisterous crowd cheering on the Isotopes during the championship game. Homer suddenly joins in the euphoria, jettisoning his earlier contempt for the team. When the Isotopes win the game, Homer and his drunken friends climb into a car and take a wild ride through town, destroying most of Springfield Elementary in the process. The next morning, Homer awakens with a hangover, unable to recall the raucous events of the previous evening. Appearing on a television news broadcast, Chief Wiggum announces that the elementary school was ransacked… and declares that the prime suspects are children. As a result, he imposes a dusk-to-dawn curfew to keep kids off the streets.

Bart and Lisa are outraged by the turn of events. They nonetheless comply with Wiggum’s decree and do their best to entertain themselves indoors. Growing bored, Bart and Lisa turn on the television set. They watch a commercial hyping a new British horror movie called “The Bloodening.” Energized, Bart announces that he is breaking curfew so he can see the film… and encourages all his friends to join him. The children sneak into a drive-in theater where the film is playing and carefully make their way to the front row of cars (where no one can see them). There they begin watching the movie, which features creepy blonde children with glowing eyes and the power to read minds. Suddenly, the movie stops, and Wiggum and his men take the curfew-breakers into custody.

As punishment, the children are forced to clean a large billboard featuring a Big Brother-like image of Wiggum’s face. But Bart grows fed up and announces it is time to fight back. The kids realize that, like the British children in the horror movie, they are aware of secrets their parents keep—secrets that would prove highly embarrassing should they be made public. The kids then launch their own clandestine radio show, broadcasting intimate details about adults throughout town. The adults react with horror… and their fear increases when the children promise more broadcasts unless the curfew is suspended. Eventually, Wiggum and Professor Frink pinpoint the location of the broadcast center: the billboard featuring Wiggum’s face. Townspeople surround the billboard, and an exchange erupts between adults and children. Grampa and his fellow retirees interrupt the dialogue, insisting the noise is interfering with their sleep. Homer confronts his father by asking, “what are you gonna do about it, old man?” Shortly thereafter, Kent Brockman announces that the elderly flexed their political muscle by creating a new curfew targeting anyone under the age of seventy.

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Source: 20th Century Fox

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