Season 1 | Episode #11 | 01/20/14 @ 06:00pm

To Homer’s delight, Bart is sent to France for the summer as part of a student exchange program.

Homer trips over Bart’s skateboard and tumbles down a flight of stairs, throwing out his back. An irate Marge demands her son pick up his room, and in the process, the boy discovers a cherry bomb. Principal Skinner tours Springfield Elementary with his mother, only to encounter Bart and his friends. While Mrs. Skinner uses the ladies room, Bart ignites the cherry bomb and flushes it down a toilet, blowing the principal’s mother off the commode.

Tired of Bart’s demonic behavior, Principal Skinner persuades Homer and Marge to place their son in a student exchange program. Expecting the good life in Paris, complete with Can-Can girls, Bart enthusiastically sets off for France, as the Simpsons welcome their exchange student, Adil Hoxha, from Albania. When Bart arrives in Paris, he is greeted by his exchange parents, wine makers Ugolin and Cesar, who intend to use Bart as their slave. Back in Springfield, Homer becomes fond of Adil, seeing him as the son he has always wanted. Adil asks Homer to take him to the nuclear power plant. Once inside, Adil takes pictures of sensitive equipment and secretly relays the information back to Albania.

Ugolin and Cesar force Bart to sample their anti-freeze laced wine to see if it harms him. When Bart is sent to the store for more anti-freeze, he suddenly manages to converse in French and begs a policeman for help. The FBI soon detects the satellite signal Adil has been using to send his secret information and arrests him for spying. With a tear in his eye, Homer says good-bye to his exchange son. Ugolin and Cesar are arrested, and Bart is heralded as a national hero for saving France’s precious wine.

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Source: 20th Century Fox

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