Season 10 | Episode #12 | 01/21/14 @ 10:30pm

Homer and his friends eagerly anticipate attending the Super Bowl… until a ticketing snafu threatens to keep them from seeing the game.

Bart, Lisa and their classmates take a field trip to the Springfield post office. There they observe mailmen stealing money from greeting cards. The postmaster ushers the children to the “dead letter” office, where they are allowed to help themselves to one piece of undelivered mail. Bart ends up with a coupon book, which he later gives to his father as a birthday present. Homer brings one of the dubious coupons to a tire store. During his stay in the store’s waiting room, Homer meets Wally Kogen, an amiable travel agent. Kogen offers Homer a free trip to the Super Bowl if he can help fill a charter bus headed for the game. Homer accepts the offer. He then telephones every male acquaintance in Springfield, and eventually meets his quota.

On the bus journey to Miami, Homer and his friends down beer after beer until they become rowdy and eventually turn on one another. But when the vehicle reaches its destination, the football fans forget their animosity and exchange high-fives. Meanwhile, faced with a great deal of time on their hands, Marge and Lisa busy themselves with Vincent Price’s Egg Magic, an arts and crafts project from the 1960s found buried in the closet. When the pair discovers that the kit lacks feet for the egg, Marge contacts the manufacturer by dialing a phone number listed on the old instruction booklet. She reaches a recorded message in which Vincent Price assures callers they will receive their replacement feet by leaving their name and address. Meanwhile, back at the Super Bowl, Wally Kogen informs the group that, due to a ticketing snafu, they cannot see the game. Unwilling to admit defeat, Homer and the others storm the gate. But they are taken into custody and jailed in the stadium basement.

As the game’s second quarter gets underway, announcers Pat Summerall and John Madden comment on what they’ve seen so far. Meanwhile, with a little help from a celebrity performing in the half-time show, Homer and his companions escape from jail. They make their way to an unoccupied sky box stocked with food and drink. But Rupert Murdoch suddenly steps from the elevator and orders three policemen to seize the intruders. Homer and the others flee the sky box, and are soon swept into a crowd of jubilant football players headed for the winning locker room. There, a suited man hands out Super Bowl rings, much to the delight of Homer and his comrades. Later, Pat Summerall and John Madden comment on the episode… and board a bus driven by Vincent Price.

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Source: 20th Century Fox

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