Season 1 | Episode #13 | 01/22/14 @ 06:00pm

Marge and Homer unwittingly leave their children in the care of a villainous babysitter when they attempt to rekindle their marriage.

Marge Simpson, devoted wife and mother, feels unloved by her slovenly husband, Homer. Sharing her grievances with radio psychologist Dr. Marvin Monroe, Marge is advised to straighten out her husband or leave him. Listening to Dr. Monroe’s radio program while at work, Homer is devastated to hear Marge is feeling so bad. Stopping by Moe’s tavern after work, Homer is advised by Moe to treat his wife to a little romance. Homer arrives home late after picking up some flowers and candies, and is greeted by an irate Marge. But when Homer says how much he loves her, all her pent up frustrations melt away. Homer calls a babysitting service after making dinner reservations and reserving a suite at the Off Ramp Inn. When the babysitter, Ms. Botz, arrives, Marge and Homer leave to rekindle their passion.

Lisa is overjoyed when Ms. Botz insists the children watch a video cassette of “The Happy Little Elves Meet the Curious Bear Cub.” But while Ms. Botz is out of the room, Bart and Lisa see a bulletin on “America’s Most Armed and Dangerous” warning parents of the Babysitting Bandit. Realizing Ms. Botz is the thief, they try to hide. But their attempt is thwarted, and Ms. Botz ties them up. While the woman plunders the house, Maggie climbs out of her crib and unties Bart and Lisa, enabling Bart to knock Ms. Botz out, tie her up, and go for help.

Marge calls home after spending a romantic evening with her husband, but when no one answers, the couple hurry home, only to find Ms. Botz bound and gagged. Assuming the kids played a prank on their babysitter, Homer helps Ms. Botz out to the car, then pays her triple her normal fee. Seeing her off just as the police and reporters arrive, Homer learns he has been duped, looking like a fool on local news coverage. Marge later assures her husband that anyone who can raise children to knock out and tie up a perfect stranger must be doing something right.

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Source: 20th Century Fox

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