Season 2 | Episode #15 | 01/24/14 @ 06:00pm

Homer’s life changes dramatically when he purchases a miracle hair growth formula.

When Homer discovers the existence of a miracle hair growth formula, he rushes out to buy it. But his visions of robust hair are cut short when he finds out the formula costs a thousand dollars. Homer is persuaded by one of his co-workers to cheat the company health insurance policy to pay for it. Applying the formula to his head overnight, Homer awakes to find a thick mop of hair atop his head. Homer looks and acts like a normal person. Marge finds the new Homer exciting.

When Mr. Burns mistakes Homer for an energetic young go-getter, he promotes him. Assuming his new title, Homer hires an assistant named Karl. Taking Karl’s advice, Homer buys a new wardrobe of stylish suits. With Karl’s help, Homer is quick to impress Mr. Burns. Burns is so impressed with Homer that he gives him the key to the executive washroom, causing Burns’s lackey, Smithers, to fume with jealousy. Smithers snoops through Homer’s files and finds the bogus insurance claim. He confronts Homer, but Karl takes the blame, saying he doctored the claim without Homer knowing about it. Karl is fired, leaving Homer to fend for himself.

Bart breaks the bottle of hair potion and Homer returns to his old, bald self. Having to make a speech to his fellow executives, Homer fears that without Karl and without hair, he will fail. But Karl convinces Homer that it was not his hair that made him a better person, it was believing in himself. Homer gives a speech on increasing profitability. But without hair, no one takes him seriously and Burns demotes Homer back to his old position. Homer expects to be rejected by his family. But Marge stands by her bald man, assuring him she loves him just the way he is.

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Source: 20th Century Fox

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