Season 1 | Episode #12 | 01/21/14 @ 06:00pm

When Homer positively identifies Krusty the Clown as an armed robber, Bart attempts to clear his idol’s name.

The Simpsons watch television and cheer as Krusty the Clown blows Sideshow Bob out of a cannon. As he stops by a convenience store on his way home from work, Homer witnesses a robbery committed by Krusty. Homer positively identifies the clown as the thief, and police soon swarm Krusty’s apartment and arrest him. Footage of Homer diving into a potato chip display as the robbery occurred is broadcast on the local news, hosted by Kent Brockman. Bart is devastated by the imprisonment of his idol and refuses to believe he is guilty. With Krusty off the show, Sideshow Bob becomes the new host. After a jury finds Krusty guilty of the theft, Bart decides to prove the clown’s innocence and clear his maligned name.

With Lisa’s help, the boy returns to the scene of the crime to search for clues. They soon notice a warning sign cautioning pacemaker users to remain a safe distance from a microwave unit. It becomes evident to the children that Krusty would not have used the microwave as was depicted in hidden camera footage of the crime because he wears a pacemaker. It also occurs to Bart and Lisa that Krusty would not have been reading at the magazine rack, as their idol is illiterate. They soon realize that Krusty was framed by an impersonator.

While on live television, Bart deduces that Sideshow Bob had the most to gain by the absence of Krusty. He demonstrates that Sideshow Bob’s feet are so big they completely fill the clown shoes he wore during the robbery. Sideshow Bob soon cracks and admits that he was tired of being the brunt of Krusty’s jokes, and given the chance, could do the show better himself. With the truth finally revealed, Krusty the Clown is freed, and he thanks Bart for his help.

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Source: 20th Century Fox

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