Season 2 | Episode #14 | 01/23/14 @ 06:00pm

Bart must pass a critical history test or he will be held back a grade.

Bart’s teacher, Mrs. Krabappel, warns him that he is in danger of flunking his history class if he does not do better on his next test. But instead of studying, Bart plays video games and watches TV with Homer. Knowing he is going to fail his history test, Bart pretends he is sick and is sent home. That night Bart calls his friend, Milhouse, to get answers to the test. Without knowing it, Milhouse’s answers are wrong and when Bart takes the test he gets an F. The school psychologist tells Homer and Marge that Bart is afraid of failure so he never puts his heart into anything that he might fail at. Told he is going to be kept back a grade, Bart promises to do better if he is given one more chance.

Determined to do better, Bart makes a bargain with Martin Prince, the class brain. If he helps Martin transform into a regular kid, Martin has to help him pass his test. But after Bart shows Martin how to be popular, Martin decides to play video games with his new friends instead of helping Bart study. The night before his big test, Bart knows he is going to fail. Getting down on his knees, Bart asks God for one more day to study. When he wakes the next morning, a freak blizzard has closed all the schools. Bart grabs his sled and is about to run out the door when he is stopped by Lisa. Overhearing Bart’s prayer, Lisa reminds Bart he made a deal with God. Putting his sled away, Bart trudges upstairs to study.

After he takes his test, Bart waits while Mrs. Krabappel grades it. But he gets another F. In his frustration, Bart blurts out history facts he studied the day before to prove that he really put his heart in it. Impressed, Mrs. Krabappel gives Bart an extra point, changing his F to a D minus. Elated, Homer proudly displays Bart’s D paper on the refrigerator for the whole Simpson clan to see.

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Source: 20th Century Fox

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