Season 1 | Episode #8 | 01/15/14 @ 06:00pm

Bart attempts to impress his new friends by vandalizing a statue of the town’s founding father, Jebediah Springfield.

Homer and Bart are chased through the streets of Springfield by an angry mob bent on catching the person responsible for sawing off the head of a statue of the town’s founder. Bart pleads for understanding, and begins to relate the events of the previous day.

As the story unfolds, Homer utilizes Bart’s walkman to listen in on a sports broadcast during church service. Marge berates her husband for his action and for embarrassing her by cheering in church. Later, Bart borrows five dollars from Homer and sneaks away to see “Space Mutants IV” at the local movie theater. On his way, he runs into a gang of troublemakers. One of the children, whose name is Jimbo, is impressed by Bart’s sarcasm and invites him to sneak into the movies with he and his buddies. Later, the boys throw rocks at the much venerated statue of the town’s founder, Jebediah Springfield. Jimbo mentions he wishes someone would cut the head off the statue, but Bart tries to defend the town’s hero. Incensed by his sentimentality, Jimbo and the boys laugh Bart out of the park. That night, Bart sneaks out of the house and saws the head off the statue of Jebediah.

The next day, all of Springfield grieves the decapitation of their founder. Carrying the head in his school bag, Bart finds the gang. But when Jimbo and his pals turn out to be as distraught as the rest of the town, and vow to beat up the culprit who cut off the head, Bart sneaks away, feeling remorse over his act. The boy returns home and confesses his deed to his family, and Homer escorts his son to the authorities. Along the way, they are confronted by the angry mob, and Bart tells the crowd that his inner turmoil will haunt him forever, and that his act has united the town and given people thought not to take their heritage for granted. The townspeople agree, and all is forgiven.

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Source: 20th Century Fox

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