Season 10 | Episode #7 | 01/14/14 @ 06:00pm

Homer is mistaken for Bigfoot when he takes his family on a trip into the wilderness in their new camper.

Homer is envious of Flanders’s new mobile home, “The Land Behemoth.” He soon discovers that the vehicle was purchased with credit, and a determined Homer seeks out his own. But the only mobile home he is qualified to buy is a dilapidated one. Thrilled with the new recreational vehicle, Homer readies his family for the excursion. Taking remote back roads, the group is soon lost. Homer loses control of the camper and comes to a halt on the edge of a cliff. Just as the family abandons the vehicle, it plummets into an abyss.

Stranded in the wilderness, Homer and Bart set out to find civilization, but unbeknownst to them, baby Maggie tags along. She is soon adopted by a family of bears. Losing their clothes in a fast moving river, Homer and Bart use plants and mud to cover themselves. Homer stumbles upon a nature photographer who mistakes him for the legendary Bigfoot. Frightened, the photographer takes a picture and flees. Soon afterwards, the forest is inundated with Bigfoot hunters and souvenir stands. Reporters find Marge and warn her about the hideous creature that is roaming the woods. Seeing the picture of Homer, Marge tells the press that the grotesque monster is her husband. Homer and Bart encounter grizzlies in a cave, but Maggie saves them by showing the bears her family means no harm.

Tired, cold, and near exhaustion, Homer is captured by a group of hunters. Homer is shot with a tranquilizer gun and is taken to a lab for tests. After the world’s most brilliant scientists observe Homer, they are unsure whether he is Bigfoot or a below average human being. Homer is released and allowed to return to his family until the scientific community can decide to what species Homer belongs.

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Source: 20th Century Fox

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