Season 1 | Episode #6 | 01/13/14 @ 06:00pm

Lisa befriends a saxophone player when she develops a case of the blues.

Lisa awakens one morning with a potent case of the blues. During band practice, she improvises a jazz riff, much to the chagrin of her instructor. During her gym class, the students partake in a game of medicine ball. But Lisa chooses to let the heavy ball bounce off her. Seeing this, the teacher sends a note home to her parents. Homer and Bart fight on a home video boxing game. Undefeated, with forty-eight wins, Bart takes only one round to knock off the head of Homer’s boxer. While Homer is down for the count, Marge gives him the note from Lisa’s teacher. Nothing Homer or Marge say can bring Lisa out of her sadness.

Hearing a distant music, Lisa sneaks out of her room and follows the sound. She finds a soulful saxophone player, Bleeding Gums Murphy, playing some hard blues. Murphy teaches Lisa how to express her sadness on the sax. Marge asks Bart and Homer to treat Lisa with kindness. Homer visits the local arcade and receives lessons from a video game wizard. Marge drops Lisa off at school and tells her to smile no matter what she is feeling inside. But when she sees Lisa cover up her good feelings when classmates take advantage of her forced good nature, Marge grabs Lisa and tells her that it is best for her to be herself. When Lisa hears this, she feels happy again and smiles.

Homer readies for his rematch against his son, and a few seconds into the fight, Homer has Bart against the ropes. As he prepares for the final blow, the images fade from the television screen when Marge unplugs the monitor to announce Lisa’s recovery. Seeing that his reign as boxing champ is to end, Bart gleefully announces he is retiring from the ring, maintaining his undefeated status. Afterwards, the Simpson’s visit a jazz club to hear Bleeding Gums Murphy sing a blues number written by Lisa.

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Source: 20th Century Fox

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