Season 10 | Episode #9 | 01/16/14 @ 10:30pm

Homer takes on the mob when he acts as Mayor Quimby’s bodyguard.

Homer and his family tour the floor of a science-fiction convention, which is attended by a variety of pop icons, including Dr. Smith and the Lost In Space robot. Homer is displeased with the number of nerds in attendance, but he nonetheless manages to maintain his composure. Mayor Quimby takes the stage and introduces actor Mark Hamill, star of the Star Wars films. Hamill asks for a volunteer from the audience to help him reenact a scene from the science-fiction classic. This prompts great excitement from the conventioneers, who begin massing towards the stage, threatening to crush Hamill and Quimby in the process. Homer suddenly grows enraged at the nerds and fights his way through the crowd. He rescues Hamill and the Mayor and makes his way to safety. The Mayor promptly fires his bodyguards and chooses Homer to replace them.

Homer enrolls in a bodyguard school where he undergoes extensive training. While chauffeuring the Mayor around Springfield, Homer comes to enjoy the numerous perks and special treatment afforded Quimby. When he returns home, however, Lisa explains that the gifts are actually bribes. Homer brushes aside her concerns. Later, Fat Tony gives Quimby a kickback in exchange for granting his organization the school milk concession. Shortly thereafter, Homer enters a room nearby… and discovers that the mob has constructed a dairy that milks rats. Thoroughly disgusted, Homer races to Springfield Elementary to prevent his children from consuming any of the rat’s milk. He then confronts Mayor Quimby at City Hall… and inadvertently sends him flying off a treadmill and out an open window.

Mayor Quimby dangles precariously from the ledge of the building. Homer makes an offer to save his life only if the Mayor promises to rid the school system of the rat’s milk. Quimby agrees to the proposal… but realizes the mobsters will kill him for breaking their agreement. Soon after, Wiggum and his men storm the Legitimate Businessman’s Club and destroy the rat milk dairy. As Fat Tony is led away in handcuffs, he vows revenge. That night, Homer drives the Mayor to the Springfield Dinner Theater, where Mark Hamill is starring Guys and Dolls. But as luck would have it, Fat Tony is also in the audience. As the performance gets underway, Fat Tony instructs Louie to kill the Mayor. But the theater owner mistakes Louie for one of the cast members and forces him on stage.

Caught in the spotlight, Louie performs a jitterbug dance. He then exchanges egotistical barbs with Hamill—and sends the actor crashing through a storefront window façade. Louie then advances on Quimby, knife in hand. Using a fork, Homer pins Louie’s necktie to a table. But a few tables away, Fat Tony beats Quimby senseless with a baseball bat. Afterward, Hamill informs Homer that Quimby will recover from his injuries. He also tells Homer he would make a great bodyguard. With that, Homer scoops Hamill into his arms and strides through a crowd of nerds.

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Source: 20th Century Fox

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