Season 10 | Episode #7 | 01/14/14 @ 10:30pm

Lisa suffers a guilty conscience after she cheats on an exam. Homer believes he will save a fortune by raising his own lobster.

After attending church services, the Simpsons pay a visit to an upscale grocery store, where they brunch on free handout samples. Homer pushes Lisa inside a freezer, hoping she can find a “normal favored” ice cream. When a shivering Lisa exits the freezer, she exhibits signs that she caught a chill. Marge insists that she go home and lay beneath a warm blanket. But before the family leaves the store, Homer spies a tiny lobster inside a fish tank. Performing some quick calculations, Homer decides he will come out ahead if he purchases a diminutive shellfish and raises it on his own. Later, Marge insists that Lisa stay home from school so she can recuperate. At first, Lisa resists. But she soon finds herself addicted to a popular video game. Ralph stops by with Lisa’s homework, but her obsession gets the best of her and she ignores the assignment. When Lisa returns to school, however, she is horrified to learn that Miss Hoover is testing her students on the reading material.

Panicked, Lisa excuses herself so she can get a drink of water. In the hallway she encounters Bart, who guides her to the boy’s bathroom, from which Nelson operates his own business: selling test answers for profit. Fearing she will end up like Groundskeeper Willie if she fails the test, Lisa purchases the answers. Later, Lisa learns that she received an “A+++” on the exam. Meanwhile, Homer determines that his lobster, which he has named Pinchy, has grown to the appropriate size. But when it comes time to throw the crustacean into a pot of boiling water, Homer has second thoughts. He tells Marge and the children that Mr. Pinchy has become part of the family. The next morning, Principal Skinner calls Lisa into his office. He informs her that her grade raised the entire school’s GPA, and as a result, the school stands to receive a substantial grant. Unable to hide her guilt, Lisa admits to cheating.

Lisa tells Skinner and Chalmers it would be wrong to accept the grant money as it is tainted. But the pair counter that the funds are sorely needed to upgrade the school. Reluctantly, Lisa agrees not to reveal the truth. When State Comptroller Atkins presents the school with the check, however, Lisa cannot maintain her composure. She tells a large audience that she cheated on the test. Impressed with the little girl’s honesty, Atkins declares the school can still keep the money. But Bart bars the door the moment Lisa exits the school auditorium. Comptroller Atkins, it is revealed, is really Otto in a rubber mask… and everyone in attendance was in on the scheme. When the real Atkins arrives, Bart uses a latex dummy of Lisa to fool him into handing over the check. When the Simpsons return home, Homer announces he placed Pinchy in a nice hot bath to keep him clean. He then realizes, to his horror, that Pinchy cooked in the water. Despite being upset emotionally, Homer finds the strength to consume the delectable crustacean.

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Source: 20th Century Fox

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