Season 1 | Episode #10 | 01/17/14 @ 06:00pm

Bart photographs Homer with belly-dancer Princess Kashmir. Marge will only forgive her husband when he proves to Bart that all women are not merely sexual objects.

Homer tells Marge he will be attending a stag party that is being thrown for a co-worker. Meanwhile, Bart receives a mail-order spy camera that took six months to be delivered. When Homer attends a co-worker’s stag party, he is enticed to dance with the entertainment, a sexy belly dancer named Princess Kashmir.

With Homer away for the evening, Marge takes the children to “The Rusty Barnacle” for dinner, the same restaurant where Homer is attending the stag party. When Bart excuses himself to go the bathroom, he stumbles onto the party, and sees his father dancing with the exotic woman. The boy uses his spy camera to take a photograph of his father dancing with Kashmir. Bart gives the picture to a friend who duplicates and distributes it to his classmates. Soon all of Springfield has a photograph of Homer and the dancer. It soon comes to the attention of Marge, who orders Homer out of the house. While drinking at Moe’s tavern, Barney offers Homer a place to sleep. At work the following day, Homer’s boss, Mr. Burns, reprimands him for tarnishing the reputation of the nuclear power plant, for he too has seen the photograph. Taking his employee aside, however, he asks for Homer’s secret in attracting women.

Homer soon returns home and pleads for forgiveness. Marge tells her husband he needs to show Bart that all women are not sexual objects, and Homer embarks on an odyssey with his son, finally locating Kashmir at a Vegas-type burlesque show. When Homer stumbles on stage during the show, the crowd recognizes him and begins to applaud. Homer quiets the crowd with a sentimental speech about how important women are to men. The men in the audience are touched and leave to be with the women they love. Marge, who is also in the audience, runs to her husband, and all is forgiven.

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Source: 20th Century Fox

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