Season 10 | Episode #8 | 01/15/14 @ 10:30pm

Homer offers to donate one of his kidneys to Grampa… until he realizes the surgery will place his own life in jeopardy.

The Simpsons set out on a trip to a ghost town. Before they get out of Springfield, however, their car breaks down… right in front of the retirement home where Grampa lives. Reluctantly, they bring the old-timer along for the journey. When the family arrives at their destination, they discover that it is populated with animatronic cowboy characters—and brimming with historical inaccuracies. On the trip back home, Grampa complains that he must use the rest room. But Homer refuses to pull over, fearing he might miss an episode of Inside the Actor’s Studio. Eventually, Grampa’s kidneys literally burst. Dr. Hibbert tells the family that he is amazed the old man is still alive. Homer grows genuinely dismayed… and blames himself for his father’s condition.

Homer asks Dr. Hibbert if there is anything he can do to help his father. Hibbert replies that a kidney donation might prolong his life. Surprisingly, Homer nonchalantly agrees to undergo the procedure. It soon becomes clear, however, that Homer is unaware of the operation’s risks. Moe and the barflies inform him that the surgery is life threatening and will prevent him from drinking himself into a stupor ever again. Homer’s fear gradually increases. But he travels to the hospital as promised. As Hibbert scrubs for surgery, Homer suddenly disappears out an open window. Still wearing his hospital gown, he accesses an old-fashioned railway handcar and pumps his way out of town.

Eventually, Homer finds himself at the waterfront area. There he purchases a pea coat and sailor’s hat. He leaps onto a passing tramp steamer and joins the company of six world-weary travelers, lost souls dressed in tattered clothing. The passengers recount the various sad reasons as to how they ended up wandering the sea. But when Homer tells the others how he deserted his ailing father and left him on his deathbed, the others react with horror and disgust… and toss Homer overboard. When Homer washes up on shore, he sees a father and son building a sandcastle on the beach. Envious, Homer decides he must take the first step in building a relationship with his own father. He returns to the hospital and is once again prepped for the operation. But he again loses his nerve and blindly dashes out onto the street—where he is struck by a car. Homer is rushed back to the hospital for surgery. When he awakens, he discovers that doctors took the liberty of removing his kidney.

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Source: 20th Century Fox

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