Season 10 | Episode #6 | 01/13/14 @ 10:30pm

Homer embraces his newly discovered hippie heritage.

Burns and Smithers decide to produce a recruitment film to attract top graduates to the company. Homer appears in the film, and later decides to apply to the Screen Actor’s Guild. While filling out the application, Homer realizes he doesn’t know what his middle initial stands for. Grampa escorts his son to the hippie commune where Mother Simpson lived during the swinging 1960s. There the pair meet Seth and Munchie, two aging hippies who remember Mother Simpson as “a pretty groovy chick.” They point to a colorful mural painted on the side of a tool shed—a painting that features a young Homer flying above the Earth. It also reveals what Homer’s middle initial stands for: “Jay.” Elated, Homer gathers his mother’s filthy old poncho and returns to life at the reactor plant. But he soon grows disenchanted with the drudgery of the corporate treadmill and sets out to embrace his hippie heritage.

Homer returns to the commune to hang out with Seth and Munchie. But he is shocked to learn that the barn houses modern industrial machinery used for the production of an organic juice drink called “Seth and Munchie’s Garden Blast.” Homer accuses the duo of “selling out.” He convinces them an old-time “freak out” is in order. After painting Seth’s car with peace signs and psychedelic swirls, the group heads into Springfield for some non-conformist fun. But when the men return to the barn, they discover that the machinery malfunctioned, ruining an entire shipment of juice.

When Homer returns home, Marge encourages him to find a way to undo the damage he’s caused Seth and Munchie. Inspired, Homer returns to the farm and harvests all the vegetables found growing in a garden behind the barn… one covered with camouflage netting. A crushed Seth and Munchie inform Homer he harvested their “personal vegetables.” Soon after, residents throughout Springfield inadvertently ingest the hallucinogenic drink. When Wiggum discovers the source of the townspeople’s sudden change in behavior, he and members of the National Guard descend upon the barn. Homer moves towards the armed aggressors and begins placing daisies in their rifles, insisting that the ideals of the Sixties are alive and well. But this does not deter Wiggum, who fires into Homer’s face. Homer is rushed to the hospital, a daisy stem lodged in his forehead.

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Source: 20th Century Fox

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