Catch 'The Simpsons' weeknights at 6:00pm

Where were you on December 17th, 1989?

The Berlin Wall had just come down, Taylor Swift had just been born, and the longest running American sitcom made it’s broadcast debut.

Twenty-five years later “The Simpsons” is considered one of the most important shows in television history.

In 2014, KBCW will be re-living that TV history from the very beginning.

Starting January 6th, KBCW-TV presents The Simpsons Classics: a Bay Area broadcasting event presenting the first 20 years of “The Simpsons” in order from the very beginning.

Witness Homer’s first industrial accident, Marge’s very first groan of disappointment and the introduction of Troy McClure, Disco Stu, and Blinky the three-eyed fish. Re-introduce yourself to every character, every guest star and every pop culture element as KBCW presents the classic episodes that have not been seen on Bay Area broadcast television in years.

Every ‘Doh In A Row! Watch “The Simpsons Classics” Weeknights at 6:00pm


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