01/10/14 10:30pm

Homer befriends a group of Hollywood celebrities vacationing in a remote part of town—and promises to keep their whereabouts a secret.

Bart and Lisa remind Homer about his promise to take them vacationing at Lake Springfield. As the family makes the journey along a remote roadway, they spot a large modern house on a hillside, a Humvee parked in the driveway. Assessing the situation, Homer concludes that hillbillies live within. Later that day, the Simpsons rent a boat for some water skiing and parasailing. Unfortunately, Homer’s tow rope catches fire. The prevailing wind carries him towards nearby woods, where he crashes through the mansion’s skylight and lands in a bed occupied by actors Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger.

Baldwin and Basinger tell Homer that they sometimes vacation in Springfield to escape the phoniness of Hollywood. Homer convinces the couple to allow him to act as their assistant during their stay, with the proviso he keep their whereabouts a secret. Soon after, Homer travels into town and attempts to purchase exotic foodstuffs using the Humvee… without attracting unwanted attention. When Homer returns to Baldwin and Basinger’s home, director Ron Howard stops by for a visit. That night, Homer and other bar patrons listen as Moe describes seeing local TV newsman Kent Brockman inside a grocery store. Homer dismisses the story with a derisive snort. He then reveals the existence of Baldwin and Basinger’s celebrity summer house. Later, a mob of townspeople descend upon the home. The celebrities accuse Homer of betraying their confidence.

Believing that the celebrities took advantage of his good nature, Homer decides to seek revenge. Using the stars’ clothing, receipts and photos still in his possession, he constructs a mobile museum called “Homer’s Museum of Hollywood Jerks.” Meanwhile, the celebrities, unaware of Homer’s new enterprise, decide to give their friend a second chance. But when Homer taunts the celebrities with their undergarments, it rekindles their outrage. Homer speeds off in his Winnebago museum, but the Humvee pulls along side. Baldwin and Basinger leap onto the mobile home, where they dangle precariously. Ron Howard decides he must intervene, but when he leaps from the Humvee, he is instantly blown far down the road like a tumbleweed. Later, a judge forbids Homer from coming within fifty feet of any celebrity.

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Source: 20th Century Fox


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