Summer is great. It brings us short shorts, long beach days and lots of sun! But unfortunately, TV lovers are left yearning for Fall. Summer is that dry time of year when NOTHING is on! It is a time when we begin to miss our favorite characters and dream of where our shows will take us next.

But thank goodness for movies! I know I wouldn’t be able to get through the long Summer months without them. This Summer, some of our favorite CW stars are hitting the big screen to keep us occupied as we wait in anticipation for the new season.

Rachel Bilson and Scott Porter (credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Rachel Bilson and Scott Porter, Zoe Hart and George Tucker of HOD, will accompany Bill Hader in The To Do List set to open in July. The To Do List is a comedy that follows a girl on her way to college and her search to find her sexuality… oh boy! It seems interesting because this is usually a road more traveled by guys. I can’t wait to see Bilson make us laugh this Summer!

(credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

(credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Willa Holland, Thea Queen of Arrow, is set to star as “Davey” in Judy Blume’s Tiger Eyes set to open in June. Tiger Eyes is a drama that follows a 17 year-old girl abruptly relocated by her grieving mother to the strange “atom bomb” town of Los Alamos, New Mexico. With the sudden and violent death of her father, the displaced Davey no longer knows who to be or how to fit in. Everything that once mattered suddenly seems insignificant. But when she meets Wolf, a mysterious young Native-American, while exploring the surrounding canyons, she feels he is able to see past her pain and into her true self. The connection they make brings Davey back from the edge and sets her on a journey from heartbreak and confusion to life and love after tragedy.

(Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images)

Jospeh Morgan, Klaus of TVD and The Originals, is the star of the drama 500 Miles North set to open this year. We don’t know much about this drama, but we know that Morgan is the perfect fit for whatever his character may be. He has drama down pat!

(Photo Credit Jason Merritt/ Getty Images)

Jaime King, Lemon Breeland of HOD, will hit the big screen in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For set to open in October. Based on what we know of the Sin City franchise, we can assume that this will be a very different role for King. It will be exciting to see hour our mamma-to-be takes on a grittier role.

Photo Credit: Ben Gabbe/ Getty Images

Stephen Amell, Oliver Queen of Arrow, is the star of the TV movie When Calls the Heart set to come out in October. Another unusual role for one of our CW stars. The movie is set in 1910 and is based on a novel. But not to worry ladies, Amell plays the handsome love interest, so I have a feeling we may see some famous Amell abs at some point.

(Photo by Alexandra Wyman/Getty Images For Grey Goose)

(Photo by Alexandra Wyman/Getty Images For Grey Goose)

Nina Dobrev, Elena of TVD, stars in an action/comedy called Let’s Be Cops set to open in 2014. The film is about a pair of crazy kids who decide to impersonate police officers. We know Dobrev can handle action, but I am excited to see her in a more comedic role. The cast is pretty awesome, so I am eager to check this one out.

There is nothing better than that time of year when all of your shows come back on the air, but at least we have something to keep us occupied until then. Which movie are you most excited to see?

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