Mannequin 3: The Reckoning – Supernatural Podcast

Supernatural Podcast

Supernatural Podcast

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Dean and Sam hunt down an angry ghost that possesses mannequins to kill its victims. Listen as Bianca and Gairo discuss Sam’s short lived hell experience, Lisa’s return to Supernatural, and the promise of the premise.
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  • Chandler

    Hell Hazers 3: The Reckoning. I hope Lisa stays gone. Im so not a fan of that story line ark. As you two once said I felt that Lisa just sort of popped up out of no where. I didnt think Lisa was that important to Dean but now. Whatever. As always you guys are AWSOME and so is Cass

  • Gairo

    No, you are AWESOME, Chandler!!! Go team Cass!!!!! Thanks for the comment. You think that was the absolute end to Lisa?

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